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Leonardas Vatėnas dossier
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Leonardas Vatėnas dossier Imantas Vatėnas dossier

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L. Vatėnas and I. Vatėnas the members of the Medic Partners Dental Team. Dental implantation has been performed in Šiauliai Implantology  Clinics for 15 years. Our experience, youthful determination, continuous pursuing for knowledge, improvement are the daily life and aspiration of the  dentists odontologists working in the clinics.  The dentists may offer you the reconstruction of your oral cavity using various systems of implants, the procedures of jaw bone accretion in complicated clinical situations.  The common objective of the work of Šiauliai Implantology Clinics is to return you your smile.

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Imantas Vatėnas

Imantas Vatėnas - Doctor odontologist - oral surgeon.

Was born in 1984.
Graduated Julius Janonis Gymnasium in 2002. In the same year, entered Kaunas University of Medicine Odontology Faculty. Graduated in 2007.
One year performed the Internship Program of Odontology Studies at Šiauliai Implantology Clinics
In 2008, entered Kaunas University of Medicine Odontology Faculty Oral Surgery Residency.
In 2011, acquired the qualification of an odontologist – oral surgeon. Education and training.

2010 03 01 - 2010 03 19 Followed courses include: orthognatic surgery, maxillary sinuses lift operations, implantation procedures, bone augmentation procedures, TMJ prosthesis surgeries. Institute of Dentistry, University of Oulu, Finland.
2011 03 12 - 2011 03 19 Followed courses include: orthognatic surgery, maxillary sinuses lift operations, implantation procedures, bone augmentation procedures. University of Glasgow, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Scotland.

Congresses and courses
2006 12 01- ,,Direct restaurations of front and back teeth ‘‘. Lecturer - Doc. Dr. Sergey Radlinsky.
2007 11 11 - 15d.- ,,Stomatological implantology‘‘.Lecturer- DDS. PhD. Oleg Surov .
2008 05 23 - 25d.- International congress of odontology.
2008 05 15 - 17d.- ,, Oral implantation. Osseointegration’’. III Ukrainian International Congress. Kiev.
2009 06 12 - 13d.- ,, Thoughtful Look to the Nowadays Problems in Oral Implantology ’’. Baltic Osseointegration Academy, Congress.
2009 06 25 - 27d.- ,, Apply of different implants and methods in atrophy problems’’. III International Caspian conference of oral implantologists. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2009 11 28 - ,, Dental implantation- improve together‘‘. Baltic osseointegration Academy.
2010 09 10 - 11d.-,, New Achievements in implant Dentistry’’. Baltic Osseointegration Academy.
2011 04 30 - ,, Druskininkai 2011’’. Baltic Osseointegration Academy.
2011.04.30 - ,,Druskininkai 2011''. Druskininkai, Lietuva.
2011.09.29-01 - ,,Third International BOA Congress'' .Kaunas, Lietuva.
2012.04.27-28 - ,,V Ukrainian International congress. Dental implantation. Osseointegration''. Kievas, Ukraina.
2012.09.29 - ,,Cortex IDIC - International Dental Implantology Conference''. Barselona, Ispanija.
2013.04.04-06 - ,,6 East European Congress of dental implantation''. Lvovas. Ukraina.
2013.05.31-06.01 - ,,Odontologija žmogaus sveikatai''. Druskininkai, Lietuva.
2013.10.25 - ,,Veido ir žandikaulių srities uždėgimai''. Druskininkai, Lietuva.
2014.03.22 - ,,BOA pavasarinė konferencija 2014, diskusijų klubas''. Kaunas, Lietuva.
2014.05.30-31 - ,,Nuo idėjos iki pasiekimų''. Druskininkai, Lietuva.
2014.10.22-24 - ,,II International Byelorussian dental conference''. Minckas, Baltarusija.
2014.11.21-22 - ,,1st. Baltic Implantology Symposium''. Ryga, Latvija.
2015.05.01 - ,,SYFAC International symposium on growth factors''. Nica, Prancūzija.
2015.05.16 - ,,1st. MegaGen Baltic Symposium''. Vilnius, Lietuva.
2016.01.15 - ,,Minkštųjų audinių plastika aplink dantų implantus''. Klaipėda, Lietuva.
2016.03.31-04.02 - ,,ICOI World Congress XXXIII, IV International SCOI Congreses''. Barselona, Ispanija.

From 2008m. Member of Lithuanian Society of odontology.
2008 - 2009m. National association of aesthetic odontology, head of organisational committe.
From 2008m. Member of National association of maxillofacial surgery.
From 2010m. Member of ICOI ( International congress of oral implantologists).

2007 10 10 - Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Bone Defect with a Teeth - Implant Supported, Removable Partial Denture Published in “Stominfo” and ,,Stomatologija’’ – magazines for dentists.
2007 12 05 - Rehabilitation of Maxillary Edentulism With Implant- Supported Milled-Bar Prostheses
2008 02 17 -The Possibilities of Using One Stage Implants in the Imposterior.

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Leonardas Vatėnas

Leonardas Vatėnas:

1971 – 1977 studied at Kaunas Medical Institute and received stomatologist qualification.
1978 – finished internship at Šiauliai Republican Hospital, Lithuania.
1996 – participated at the first Lithuanian Stomotology Union Conference “Stomotological implantation”.
1997 — finished implantology courses at Intenational Medical and Stomotology Improvement Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1998 – finished “Relevant orthopedic stomotology issues in implantology/Detachable denture/Metal ceramic denture/Metal plastic denture” Courses in Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania.
2000 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy seminars “Topical orthopedical stomotology issues for general practice doctors – stomotologists”,Dental implants possibilities while applying adjustable bone regeneration/New tendencies and perspectives in endodontics” and ,,Frontal implantation/Distal implantation/Three braces concept performing implantation in a lower jawbone’’.
2000 – participated in Lithuanian General Practice Doctors Stomotologists Union Republican Conference in Nida, Lithuania.
2000 – participated in Lithuanian General Practice Doctors Stomotologists Union and Lithuanian Stomotology Union Autumn Conference ,,Safe teeth preparation for prosthesis/Preservation of biological barrier/Marginal integrity”.
2000 – participated in Lithuanian Stomotology Union Seminar ,,Glass fiber plugs application methodology and indications/Aesthetical non metal ceramic denture: indications, contraindications, main application aspects, occuring mistakes’’.
2001 – participated in Lithuanian Stomotology Union Seminar ,,Teeth reconstruction after the endodontic treatment/General and special endodontics/Inter-root perforations diagnostics and treatment”.
2002 – participated in Lithuanian Stomotology Union and Kaunas Medical Academy Seminar ,,New generation endodontics instruments”.
2002 – participated in the Forth International Stomotology Congress.
2002 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuanian Stomotologists Orthopedists Union and Face Jawbone Surgeons Union Seminar ,,Innovations in dental implantology’’.
2002 – participated in Linkow-Burkel Symposium “Functional and aesthetical rehabilitation with implants in stomotology’’ in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2003 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy Conference ,,Potential, construction, biomechanics of prosthesis with supporting band”.
2003 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy and Vilnius University Scientific Conference ,,General practice stomotology topicalities”.
2003 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy Seminar “Dental implantology”.
2004 – participated in Kaunas Medical Academy and Lithuanian Stomotologists Orthopedists Union Scientific Practical conferences “Implantology – selection and preparation of the patient, planning of the surgery, correct strategy selection, complicated clinical cases/Procera: technology, advantage, at what cases it is not indicated/Selection of aesthetical braces during prosthesis on the implants, for the maximum aesthetical result” and “Modern dental implantology problems and solutions”.
2005 – participated in the International Congress “Stomotological implantation” in Lviv, Ukraine.
2005 – participated in Lithuanian Republic Chamber of Odontologists Seminar “Tooth hard tissues preparation for prothesis”.
2005 – participated in Lithuanian Republic Chamber of Odontologists International Conference for Odontologists and Odontology specialists.
2006 – participated in the Second International Congress “Dental implantology, osteointegration” in Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 05 15- 17d.- ,, Oral implantation. Osseointegration’’. III  Ukrainian International Congress. Kiev.
2009 07 5-7d.- Attended in the conference ,,Implantology in the odontology, Maxillofacial surgery‘‘, Minsk.
2009 11 28- ,, Dental implantation- improve together‘‘. Baltic osseointegration Academy.
2009 02 21d.- Attended in the conference ,, Topicality in the odontology‘‘.
2011 10 7-8d.- Attended in the conference ,, Prevention, early diagnostics, minimal invasive methods in the odontology‘‘.

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